Foothills Retreads
Southern Alberta Chapter
The Foothills Chapter of Retreads is a fast-growing group of motorcycling enthusiasts, aged 40+,  based in Southern Alberta, Canada. Monthly meetings are kept short to allow for either riding (Spring, Summer, Autumn) or planning rides (Winter.) All makes and models of motorcycles are welcome. The only requirements for membership are 40+, enthusiasm, love of riding, a willingness to share enjoyable riding experiences with others  and $25. Click here to learn more about membership.
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The Rocky Mountains in Alberta are not a wall; but a series of steps called Ranges. The most easterly - the Front Range - is known as the Foothills. The Foothills are criss-crossed by excellent riding highways, some straight and fast, some with twisties, some arcing over high passes, but all with magnificent views.
The name RETREADS® comes from the name of vehicle tires which were initially used during World War II.  Retreading (putting new treads on used tires) was a process that permitted many civilians during the war years to continue to use their vehicles when their tires wore out, as new tires were very difficult, if not impossible to get during those rationing years.  
The chief is a field of gold representing the Golden years. The band sinister is blue and black, upper sinister field being red with stallions in place. The lower dexter field being with Roman numerals XL in red letters and the word "plus" underneath. XL isn't a size, it's the minimum age for membership (spouses exempted.) Some chapters have a blue chapter or country rocker with the crest.
This insignia is a registered insignia and trademark in Canada and the U.S.
We wear this crest with pride. It designates us as  members of a select group that enjoys a wonderful sport, good times, many laughs and miles of open road.
Retreads Motorcycle Club International, Inc., (AMA Charter 3233) with some 5,000 members worldwide, all of whom share two things; an age of 40 plus and a love of motorcycling. The Retreads, founded by George Spidell in El Cajon, California in 1969, have members in all 50 US states, Canada and Europe. Contact them at